Trương Công Đán

This morning my wife warmed me, “I think our boy wants to come out.” I joked with her, “Then you better start walking.” I was not expecting that he would want to come out two weeks earlier than his due date. I took Dao to daycare, stopped by Einstein Bros. Bagels to pick a cup of coffee, and drove to work listening to Eric Dolphy. I got to work, pulled in the parking lot and found out that I left my laptop at home. As I was about to head back home, my wife called and said, “You better get home. He’s coming out.”

I rushed back home around 10am, called the doctor, and headed straight to the hospital. While going through the registration process, Dana couldn’t endure the contraction. The nurse checked Dana and immediately rushed us into the delivery room. She called the doctor, but confirmed that he wouldn’t make it in on time. Another doctor in the hospital took over the delivery. After five our six hard pushes, our lovely boy came out.

Trương Công Đán was born on November 29, 2011 at 11:50am. He was 7bls and 3oz and 20in tall. His older brother called him “baby brother” and gave him kisses. We’re very happy that he’s now here with us for the rest of our lives.