New Interests

Over Thanksgiving break, I spent some time browsing through George Mason’s programs of study to see if I could take advantage of the tuition benefit. I found a few that would not only enhance my job performance, but also further my career interest. For instance, the Server Administration and Management certificate program would be very beneficial to my current job even I have requested a training on Red Hat and my supervisor already signed me up for the end of February 2012. I am also would like to enroll into Web Design and Developer just to have the certificate listed on my resume.

The one that really caught my interest, however, is the Master of Arts in Graphic Design. The courses that stood out to me are Advanced Web Design, Brand Identity Design and Advanced Typography. My job nowadays involves more technical than design; therefore, this program will balance out the two. Although I have always been a self-taught in design, I also believe in academic so this would be a great opportunity.

I am so excited about the program that the first step I did was pull together a portfolio, which is one of the requirements for the program. I selected twenty pieces that showcase my web design and development, motion and graphic design, brand and identity. Tomorrow I’ll schedule an interview with a design faculty to see where I’ll go from here.

Update: The certificate programs aren’t covered by tuition benefit, but 50% off for full-time employee. Not only to take them unless really necessary. MA in Graphic Design is still on.