Is Terrible Two On Its Way Out?

The last few months has been tough dealing with Dao as he is going through his terrible-two phase. He would say no to everything as if his brain had been wired to do so. Do you want to brush your teeth? No. Do you want to change new clothes? No. Do you want to take a bath? No. Do you want to play with iPod? No. Then he changed his mind. Yes, I want iPod.

He fought back everything I do for him. At times, I just shut out and let him do whatever he wanted. I wouldn’t hold him in my arms to sleep and I wouldn’t read him a book. He would get frustrated and butted his head against my nose when I tried to closed my eyes pretending to sleep. Lucky I didn’t have a nose surgery or else it would have been broken so many times. When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I just walk away and let him scream.

I couldn’t take control of the situation and I ended up letting him gets his way. Then I realized that I am not fit to be a dad, but it’s a bit too late now since another boy is coming out soon. How am I going to handle the two of them?

Fortunately things are getting a bit better now. He still says no and still hates brushing, but he is more cooperative. Things are done much faster now and I get him out of the house by 8am and getting to bed by 9pm. I am not sure if he’s getting off his terrible-two state or I am getting accustomed to his rebellious.