Admissions Office Intranet

One of the challanges of setting up the Admissions Office Intranet is that I had no content to work with. The Admissions Office needed a site that is limited to just incoming law students. My responsibility was to come up with the shell that would allow the staff to fill in the pages.

I had three choices of CMS. Drupal would be too complicated for the project. MODX was my selection, but designing an empty site from scatch was not an ideal solution. The effort was not worthwhile for a restricted site. I needed something that is well thought out to kick off with. WordPress is the perfect choice because its default theme, Twenty Eleven, had everything that is required. I just needed to jazz up the design a bit to comply with the school’s branding.

I decided to experiment with WordPress’s child theme based off Twenty Eleven and ended up loving the idea of customizing the design without touching the parent theme. With a bit of CSS knowledge, one can create a pretty decent site. The child theme turned out to be a perfect solution for this particular project. The site is obviously restricted, but you can still get a sneak peak of the homepage.