Dao’s Sick Week

Daycare sent Dao home Monday afternoon for a high fever. I took off Tuesday to take care of him. He fussed and refused everything from food to milk to water. I had to take him to the shopping mall train to get him to eat. We sat in the food court and watched the train goes by. I made a deal with him. If he eats we would get to ride the train. If not we just go home. He screamed and screamed, but he knew he better eat to get on the train.

Tuesday night, he got better and could be back to daycare the next day, but grandparent drove down just in case he would still be out sick. He ended up staying home for the rest of the week and didn’t want to back to daycare. He loves spending time with grandma because she plays with him as much as he wants to. None of us could do that except for grandma and he knows it. He was sitting on he coach, watching Jay Jay, leaning on her and eating a cheese sandwich like a little king.

While grandma was occupied with Dao, grandpa fixed things around the house. The damn towel bar in the bathroom kept falling off the wall because I couldn’t nail though the wood. I put on compound and screwed it back in. It fell off again the next day; therefore, I just left it like that. I was just going to get rid of it, but I hadn’t have the time. Yesterday, I discovered the bar was back on the wall and tightly secured. I need to ask him how did he do it. He also made a holder for Dao’s bathtub. It looks pretty clever.

It’s always a great pleasure having the grandparent visiting us. They’ll off to Cancun with my sister-in-law and her husband for five days. I am sure they’ll appreciate the quietness and the relaxation after what they had been through with the little kid.