Love Ones

My mother was discharged from the hospital on Sunday. She’s recuperating. Thanks to all of you who sent her love and prayers. When she was taken to the hospital, the first thing came to my mind was that please don’t let her ended up like her sister who had a stroke more than a decade ago and has been in bed ever since. Friday night when I visited her in the hospital, she was murmuring some words while sleeping and she looked so much weaker than two weeks ago when we were in Mexico.

When I went back to Lancaster last week, Dao and Dana didn’t come with me. I didn’t want a pregnant woman and a little kid to be around the hospital. Saturday I was sitting by my mom’s side watching the snow fell and I missed them so much. I missed hearing the little one talks. I missed hanging around with him. I missed reading our favorite book together (Oh! The Places You Go). Heck I even missed the moments that he drove me to the wall like brushing his teeth and getting him to sleep. Yes, I had those moments when I said in my head, “Go the F to Sleep.” I didn’t see him for three days and it seemed like forever. Then I realized that the last time I saw my father was in 2001. Damn, time goes by so fast.

I also missed my wife even though we only communicate with each other on the basic level. These days if we go any further than that, we would ended up arguing. If we talk to the point where I started to feel comfortable, I would bring up my problems and she is sick and tired of hearing them. I am sure you’re pretty tired of hearing them too if you follow this blog. Carrying the baby is already hard enough; therefore, I try my best to keep my own issues to myself and not giving her anymore burden.

Bonjour Vietnam