Loving Stacey Kent

The whole week, Stacey Kent was the only voice playing on my commute trips. She helped me relaxed in the morning and eased the traffic jam in the evening. After listening to each indivudual album, Hushabye Mountain, The Boy Next Door and In Love Again, I put all three on random and still loved every song she sings.

Ms. Kent has a very soothing voice with both angelic and child-like tone. She swings in perfect phrasing and she sings ballad in its purest emotion. She has the style of both Billie Holiday and Norah Jones rolled in one. Yet what makes me so addicted to her singing is the way she articulated each word. The clarity in her pronunciation is simply amazing. Each word is so crisp and effortless that she makes you pay attention to every intimate sound she makes. If she was to sing a dictionary, I would have still listened with undivided attention. I can’t wait to set my ears on her French record, Raconte-Moi, even though I only know a few French words.