Best Advice Ever

I just made the idiot mistake ever. I have two external hard drives for back up. One is a WD and one is a Maxton. They both contain almost the same contents in case one is screwed up. I wanted to transfer my latest work folder from the Maxton to WD. So I deleted the work folder on the WD and brought the latest stuff over from WD. My Mac stalled and nothing copied over. I got impatient and force quitted my Mac.

When I restarted my Mac, the Maxton didn’t mount. I was like there goes another Maxton. The thing was all of my work had just been lost. I started to panic and thinking of cracking that piece of crap open after wasting an hour trying to get it to work. Then I started to Google and found this advice: “I had a similar problem, then I tried swapping the Maxtor’s USB cable with my digital camera’s cable and the Maxtor started working again.”

That can’t be it, but I tried it any way. I plugged in my camera’s USB cable. The first time the light blinked but still no sign of the hard drive. I took out the USB cable and plugged it back in again and voila. The icon appeared on my desktop. Holy moly, that’s the best freaking advice ever.