Sophie Milman – In the Moonlight

Sophie Milman’s previous release, one of my personal favorites, Take Love Easy, proved that the twenty-something vocalist could swing, scat and seduce even within a straight jazz combo setting. Her recent release, In the Moonlight, added another layer of sophistication with the backing of luscious strings.

The first two tracks, “Do It Again” and “Oh Look at Me Now,” show once again that Ms. Milman still has the swag to swing gently. The third title track, however, displays not only her deep sensibility for bossa-nova rhythm, but also her sensual confidence with lush orchestration. Yet the sexiest track on the whole joint has to be her interpretation of “Ces Petits Riens.” Her flirtatious French-singing backed up by sensational Spanish arrangement is like Alizé blended with Patrón: sweet yet delicate, strong yet smooth. The guitar and accordion solos are like adding lime and fresh mint leaves to the mix. There goes my very own recipe for “Ces Petits Riens” cocktail inspired by Sophie Milman.

Although I prefer Ms. Milman’s straight swing and ballad translation over orchestral flourish, In the Moonlight is a perfect accompaniment for the cool autumn season. It’s definitely a romantic record.