Been Busy

Sorry for the lack of updates. My new job requires quite a bit of learning. I started on Tuesday and I have been eating, sleeping and dreaming of Linux command lines. My predecessor who is writing his dissertation for a PhD in computer science is a hardcore programmer. The only tool he used was PuTTy. He turned off every graphical user interface to save resources. He also shut down everything including graphical control panel, FTP and PHPMyAdmin.

The good thing is that my new supervisor is very understanding. She gives me time to catch up on all of these new responsibilities. The folks in the building are also very awesome. I am very glad and can’t ask for anything more. These days after work I just wanted to relax and crawl into bed. I don’t even touch my brand new MacBook Pro. Definitely looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. We have garage sale tomorrow so I am thinking of getting rid of many of the things we don’t need in the house.