Back From Catalonia Privileged Beach

Back to reality after five days of being a lazy bump. I tried to stall as much time as I could by not going anywhere ad doing anything. All we did was sleep, eat, play by the pool and beach. We were served when wanted to eat. Even our plates was carried to our table after we picked out our food. Our room was cleaned when we hit the beach or pool. Drinks and cocktails were served whether we lounged on the beach or the pool. I had at least a dozen of mojito a day.

Speaking of mojito, after about six or seven glasses, the staff asked me to play some soccer on the beach. It was a five-minute game and I almost passed out. They had to laid me down and gave me water. That really hit me. For the past few stressful months all I did was having burgers for lunch and didn’t do my jogging. After this week I need to watch what I eat and hit the track again.

As for Dao, he got fresh milk everyday from the staff. The teacher in the Kid Club adored him, but he was into the swimming pool more than spending time with a hot babysitter. Still, he enjoyed his time in Catalonia. We had a very relaxed time as well. Food is the only thing that was not so great. The buffet featured too many similar items from day to day

We were definitely being privileged. I don’t know if I want that life everyday, but definitely a moment to treasure for five days. Mad props to each and every staff at Hotel Catalonia for the outstanding service and accommodation.