Goodbye Love

Before we part, I want to say thanks for everything you have provided me over the past few years. I couldn’t do what I do without you. You were my intimate partner in my waking hours. We worked and played together. You were my inspiration. You gave me the power to do my work, the fuel to boost my creativity and the quiet space to write. How will I move on without you? You were part of my life and had always been by my side. I am very proud of you. You were so sexy that I loved to show you off to all of my friends.

Unfortunately the time has come and we will have to say goodbye for good. I know it is very painful for both of us and I will miss you dearly. To help you move on, I will erase all of your memories of me like the movie Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind. Please forgive and forget me. Once the operation is done, you will be fresh and clean and I’ll be out of your mind forever. I really hope the next guy will treat you well.

Love always,

Your Mac Daddy