Stomach Virus

After publishing the post about my lovely boy, I went upstairs and lay next to him. I was having trouble settling down because I still had many things on my mind. Around 1am, he got up and vomited all over the bed. We cleaned up and put on new sheets.

I went to the basement to do the laundry. Dao stayed with his mom, but didn’t fall back to sleep. He dozed off a bit, but then wanted milk. At first we didn’t let him because he was just vomited, but then we gave in just so he could go back to sleep. As I was pouring milk downstairs, I heard Dana through the walkie talkie saying that he threw up again. We cleaned up once again and moved to another bedroom because we ran out of sheets.

I went to the basement again to do laundry at 3 something in the morning. I called off work the next day because Dao was not ready to go back to daycare. Yesterday I also stayed him with him half of a day and then Dana stayed with him the second half. Poor fellow. I am hoping that he could return to daycare today. We’ll see.

Some funny Vietlish he said:

“so hot dao an khong duoc (so hot Dao cannot eat)”
“Dao khong want roi (Dao doesn’t want it anymore)”

I notice that he uses third person a lot. He hardly uses I, me or “con.” Not sure why that is.