What a Loving Boy

With classes, I get home two hours later than working schedule, but I still can spend some time with Dao. We have dinner together then I get to give him a bath. We watch a bit of Bob the Builder before brushing his teeth. In bed, we read a few books before I turn out the lights. We hold on to each other and then we would go to sleep.

I have a light cough for a couple of days now. While I was changing him, I started to cough. Then our conversation began:

Dao: “Are you ok, daddy?” He ran to the table, picked up the cup of water and said to me, “Drink some water daddy.”
Me: “Thank you Dao. Daddy bi ho (Daddy has a cough).”
Dao: “Daddy bi ho, daddy di bac si (daddy go to the doctor).”
Me:: “Ba khong sao, cam on Dao (I am ok, thank you).”

These are some of the best moments being a father.