Rain, Rain and Rain

I had a morning meeting; therefore, I asked Dana to take Dao to the daycare for me so I could drive straight to the Metro station. The rain caused a bit of traffic. By the time I arrived at the Metro parking, no space were available. I tried to call Dana using a public phone in case she was still home so that I could drop off my car and ride with her. She never picked up the phone when she didn’t recognized the number and it was not an exception. I called again just in case she would think it was an emergency, but still no answer. The day I needed my cell phone, I left it at home because the battery was out and I left the charger at my sister’s house over the weekend.

I then immediately thought of the shopping center nearby. I drove over and left my car there even though the sign said “no parking for commuter.” I didn’t have a choice. The rain started to pour as I headed to the Metro station. I spotted a guy at the gas station so I asked him for a lift. He was Asian so I thought he would help out an Asian brother, but he didn’t. I walked ten minutes in the rain and I was soaking wet. The good thing was that I made it on time for the meeting.

The meeting last to noon so I went back to the Metro to move my car on my lunch break. The rain poured harder so I took the cap over. It cost me $5.65 and I handed the cap driver my credit card and he said, “You use a credit card just for that?” I replied, “I only got $6 left in my wallet.” He said “That’s fine.” I felt bad that I couldn’t give him any tips. The rain was still pouring hard so I decided to have a bowl of Pho in the plaza. The Pho wasn’t that good and the condensed milk in the coffee had a sour taste.

After lunch I took the Metro back to work soaking wet once again. Boy, what a rainy day.