Dam Vinh Hung – Anh Con No Em

Damn, Dam Vinh Hung hasn’t sound this good in years. Anh Con No Em is a return to his syrupy signature that once made him popular. Other than the title track, which is passable, and a pseudo-swing rendition of “Bien Can,” the album heads straight to trendy pop shop filled with ear-candy hooks and DVH knows the important of singing the hooks. On the rest of the tracks, particularly “Khong Con La Tre Dai” and “Loi Thoat Nao Cho Nhau,” DVH caresses the hooks, makes luscious love to the hooks and even married to the hooks. Unlike many of his previous releases, DHV knows how to control himself. Instead of belting out at the top of his lung, he gives the notes just enough force and power to let you feel his pain and soul. Sure, Anh Con No Em will be forgotten in the next six months, but right now it is on heavy rotation.