Back to Morning Crying

Being home for a week sets Dao back to morning crying. Yesterday and today, he clung on to me like a monkey holding on to a tree branch. His arms and legs wrapped tight around my leg. This morning I stayed with him for a bit trying to get him to play with toys, but still didn’t work. I just had to hand him over to his new teacher, Ms. Amanda.

By the time I left his daycare, the parking lot at the Metro was full. I had to drop by the nearby Starbucks to work remotely until 10 o’clock when the reserved spaces were freed to park. The rain was pouring hard. I got to work all wet.

These days Dao and I sleep together. He got up several times looking for my arms. I had to get up to wrap him around me or else he wouldn’t go back to sleep. The problem is that he fell back to sleep much easier than I could.