Professional Mobile Web Development with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal

This is the first book I read on mobile web development; therefore, I find the first few chapters to be very informative, especially the concise history of the mobile web. While I am familiar with the general mobile techniques, the book has tips that I find helpful like using Src to deliver optimized images with responsive web design.

While the discussions of incorporating mobile web with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! are short (mostly involve activating plug-ins and modules), the book provided some valuable comparison between the three platforms to help readers pick the right one for the project.

Mobile web is clearly on the rise and us designers need to jump on the bandwagon. Even if you don’t work with WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, James Pearce’s Professional Mobile Web Development provides a great introduction to one of the future’s most popular web browsing devices.