How to Create Flash Slideshows

Every now and then I get an email asking me how to create a Flash slideshow. Rather than answering the same question over and over again, I just going to post it here and point people to it.

Although I still create a motion piece once in a while, Flash is no longer one of my professional tools. I stopped keeping up with Flash, particularly with ActionScript, many years ago. I use Flash mostly for animation because I am horrible with After Effects. Flash is much simpler for creating quick teasers.

So the frequent question has always been how to learn Flash. In my days there were many great tutorial sites and I am sure they are still many out there, but the only one I know still exist is Flashkit. Flashkit could be quite overwhelming for beginners. Flash was one of the most challenging programs for me to learn at the time and Flash didn’t even come with a whole scripting language then.

I used the Visual QuickStart Guide Series to help me started. Once you get a grip of Flash’s interface, timeline and how to move movie clips around the stage, you can create slideshows. From there on, it’s up to your patience (lots of) and imagination.