Hommie From High School

Met up with an old buddy yesterday in Eden Center. He’s the only one from high school I still keep in touch with. He hasn’t changed much. Still the same guy I knew more than fifteen years ago. We caught up and reflected on the yesteryears.

Right after high school we took on our own path. We both went to college, but he also joined the US Army. Every time I hear something going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think of him. He turns out quite well. All cut and fit. I am now taking on the role of a married man and a father while he’s still enjoying his single life.

At this point of our lives, we seem to have nothing in common, but the thing that we both held on to from the past. No matter how far apart we have grown, I am glad the we still have something that bonded us together. Definitely looking forward to hanging out with my hommie again.