It’s a Boy

The ultrasound result is in. Dao will have a little brother by the end of the year. The little fellow is doing well, no anomalies observed. He’s weighing in at 11 oz (41%). Unlike his older brother who moved around constantly, he stayed calm during the ultrasound.

Dana is also doing well. Her cervix is about 3.7cm long and appears closed. The doctor wants her to gain at least one pound a week. That’s not going to be a problem. I already feed her a huge burrito at Chipotle. We’ll just have to hit Cheesecake Factory for some hamburgers and revisit Blue Pearl buffets more often.

When Dana was carrying Dao, we used to hit iHop in the middle of the night for stack of pancakes or hit the diners for some late-night chicken wings. Now that we have Dao, we won’t be able to do that with the second baby. Maybe I’ll just buy stuff home for us, but it won’t be the same as experiencing the night life.