Back to School

After my 2001 graduation from La Salle University, I thought that I would be done with school for good. Academia was never meant for me. I spent more time learning the things that I wanted to accomplish than sitting in class. Yet a decade later, I enrolled myself into the Master of Science in Information Systems Technology program this coming fall. In less then two months, I will be back in school again.

Is this the right time for schooling? I am not even sure myself since we will be expecting our second baby at the end of the year. I actually applied into the program over two years ago. I sent in my transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose and resume. I filled out my online application, but couldn’t submitted it. Something went wrong. Before I could go any further, Dao came into my world. I dropped it aside and focused on becoming a parent.

About a month or so ago, I was notified that if I don’t do anything with my application, it will be dropped out of the system. So I called the office to find out what else I needed to do to complete my application. It turned out that I just needed to paid $60 and hit the submit button.

I am actually very excited about MSIST program because it seems like a great enhancement to my professional career. After meeting with the wonderful advisor, I immediately got into two classes that run from 4pm to 6pm from Monday to Thursday. The problem is I won’t be able to pick up Dao from the daycare because he needs to be out by 6pm and it takes me at least an hour to get to his place. Once Dana gives birth to the next baby, she won’t be able to drive for a while so we’re now begging our father-in-law to come help us out as well since my mother-in-law will give us a hand with the new kid.

After we welcome our new baby, our plan is to have Dana stayed home at least three months, which means she won’t be paid. At that time, we’ll depend on just one income; therefore, I hope to pick up more freelance projects to cover the expenses.

The next few months will be quite intense for us, especially for Dana. That is the reason I am still unsure if this is the right time for schooling. Then again, when will it be the right time? If not now then when? So my thought it that: Let’s just do it. Then again, I only have to give up a few things, like blogging, Netflixing, dining out, spending time and money at Costco, sleeping and most importantly wasting time on the Web. I am sure I can handle it as long as I can still keep up with web design and development. I have nothing to lose.

My only thing that I feel extremely bad and discomfort about is that Dana will be carrying most of the burden even though she is very supportive of my decision. I definitely picked an awesome partner even though I take that for grant at times.

Bonjour Vietnam