Cheerleading at Cheesecake Factory

I got home a bit late last night so we decided to eat out. I suggested Cheesecake Factory because it locates about five minutes from our house and I was craving for its Glamburgers. After we sat down and made our orders, I took Dao to the family restroom to change him and to wash his hands.

After putting on a new diaper for him, I told him, “Dao dung day doi Daddy dai nhe [Dao, stand here wait for Daddy to take a leak.” As I was doing my thing, he stood aside and cheered, “Daddy dai, daddy dai, daddy dai.” His voice grew louder and louder and he was jumping up and down clapping his hands as if he was a cheerleader. After I finished, he ran up and flushed the toilet. That was the first time in life I was being cheered for taking a piss. Only being a parent gets this kind of weird joy I guess.

So I had a banging wild mushroom burger with the ultimate glass of margarita and Dana had a delicious plate of shrimp pasta. Dao shared the pasta and my fries. We finished everything and even shared a slice of the original cheesecake. After that we all fell sleepy and didn’t want to do anything when we got home. Not bad for a Wednesday evening.