Dao Enjoys Going to Class

Dao has been going to class all by himself for a week. No more carrying and no more crying. This morning when I took him off the car, he said “Bye xe cu [old car]. Di hoc [Go to class].” He held me hand we walked toward the building. He pushed the button to open the door and swiped my card to let us in. When I opened his class’s door, he ran right in and handed his hat to one of his teachers. He blew me a kiss and began to play with his classmates.

Dao also enjoys watching Japanese animation nowadays. He liked Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro. He refers to Totoro as “penguin bu [big].” Again, his ability to associate objects with things he already know is just hilarious.

Dao is already addicted to the iPod. He knows exactly what apps to play and he also knows which buttons to push. For instance, once he’s done playing with a game, he knows the “Not now. Thank You” and the “free version” buttons. He’s now a little pro with Angry Bird. He can sling that bird better than me. He prefer the iPod when he plays game and prefers the iPad when he watches YouTube. I am just amazed how kids pick up these things so fast.