The Age of Excuses

Lately Dao have excuses for everything. When he wants to reject foods, he would say “nong qua [too hot]” even though the food is cool. I fed him ice cream the other day, but he didn’t want it. He was about to say “too hot,” but he realized that he couldn’t use that excuse so he quickly changed to “nhieu qua [too much].”

We were at the playground the other day and he said to me, “Dao so [scares].” I asked him in Vietnamese what was he afraid of and he said, “nang nong qua [the sun is too hot].” I asked him to go to the garden to pick cherry tomatoes with me and he said, “No, too hot.”

Here’s the best excuse so far. He was holding my iPod Touch and watching “Curious George.” A minute later, he told me, “Ba ba cam iPod cho Dao. Nang qua [Daddy, daddy, hold iPod for Dao. Too heavy].” To me, these are some of the best moments of being a parent. Love my boy.

This morning when I dropped him off at the daycare, it was time for them to go into the playground. I put his clothes and lunch in his cubby and watched him played outside through the window. I stood there observing for ten minutes before I left.