Some Thoughts on Women World Cup 2011 Final

The ladies put on one of the finest World Cup matches I have seen. They certainly made the men at the 2010 final game (Netherlands vs. Spain) look like bitches. Both USA and Japan gave their all.

The US women fought hard and they were clearly leading the game. I am very proud of my US girls. The Japanese girls, on the other side, worked hard and persistent, but patience is what made them the champion. They came back at the last minutes of the game. They were just phenomenon. The US girls just need be more precise in scoring and practice their penalty shots.

Truth be told, I couldn’t favor one team over the other. On one hand, I had to root for the home team. On another, I had mad love for my Asian sisters. In addition, Japan had gone through one of the worst natural catastrophes of all time. In my view, they were both winners.