Say What?

Last night when we were about to go to sleep, Dao rubbed my head and said, “Daddy, toc dep [nice hair].” I haven’t heard that compliment for a while. I was flattered even though I know don’t have much hair left.

As I was ironing my clothes, Dao pointed to the iron and said, “Tau chay [running boat].” I love the way he visualizes objects. At the same time he was jumping out and down the bed and all of the sudden I heard a fart noise. He said, “Ouch, Dao pooped.”

At a restaurant, I gave Dao my American Express and showed him how to tuck it into the bill holder pocket. He brought the bill up to the cashier and handed to cashier. He stood there waiting, but she didn’t return the card. He cried out loud and said, “The [card] Dao.” I had to explain to him that she was calculating the bill.

At Pho Hoa, I took him to the men’s room to wash his hands, but before we do that I told him that “Daddy need to pee pee first.” I carried him to the urinal and he me to “bo vo [put in].” I was like, “Say what?”