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Dao returns to his crying when I drop him off at the daycare. This morning we met Ms. Ester on the way in. She came over to say hi to Dao, but he turned away, held on to me and didn’t want to interact with her. Ms. Ester used to be able to get him to show her things on his shirt to distract him from crying, but he didn’t even look at her this morning. I said to Ms. Ester, “It’s the morning thing.” Her response was, “It’s ok. It happens when they move to upperclass. I still miss him.” I felt bad and I knew that Dao didn’t mean to do that. He’s just not a good sport in the morning. I explained to him about how not being nice to Ms. Ester, but I doubt that he registered. I took him to class and couldn’t get him to play any toy at all. I had to let him go and let him cry.