I Would Like a Baby Girl

In another month we will find out if our second baby will be a boy or girl. Since I’ll be content with whatever I’ll be blessed with as long as the baby is going to be healthy, I had no need to find out up until two weeks ago when May and Linh spent the weekend with us. I enjoyed having May around so much that now I am anxious to find out of I am going to have a daughter.

May is the complete opposite of Dao. While picking blueberry, I tried to feed May a berry, but she simply refused to open her mouth. I nudged the blueberry a bit, but her lips sealed tight. I tried the same with Dao and he pushed my hand away.

May is cautious, reserved and just lovely. My favorite line from May, “Co chu Donny o day, May khong so gi ca [With uncle Donny by my side, May isn’t afraid of anything].” As we said goodbye for the last time before they moved back to Cali, May gave me a hug and kiss. At the moment, I I knew I would lie a baby girl. Dao is a mama’s boy, so I want me a daddy’s girl. We’ll find out.

Then again, two boys would probably get along well. So either way is good.