More Guilt

Couldn’t sleep much last night. Dao’s falling incident still horrified me. I woke up early and just held him tight in my lap while he was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him up to go to school. The guilt is killing me. Thankfully, Dana stayed calm and didn’t scold me for my horrendous mistake. She even drove me to my Drupal training today after we dropped Dao off.

At the training all I could think about was Dao. If I fell like he did, I would have at least busted my neck or my head. I kept checking my phone during the training to see if I get a call from his daycare. Whenever I receive a call from them, something is wrong. I didn’t get any call at all today and it was a sigh of relieve. Dao is doing good. I have to say, he is a one tough kid. His bumps are getting flatten and he seems to be even sharper. I took him to the book store yesterday and he pointed out a shape on a back of a Mercedes that looks like an airplane and said, “bay bay [airplane].” As we were driving home, he noticed a wheel on a another car that was wobbling and said, “banh xe hu [the wheel is broken].”

Dao already put the drama behind him even though he would sometimes telling us, “Dao te [fell] mulch.” Then we would ask him, “Dao co con dau khong [Are you still hurt]?” His reply would be, “No.” He started his new class today and enjoyed playing with water and went back to the slides with his buddy Aidan. We have yet to meet his new teacher, but the report showed that he did well on the first day.

Last Friday, Dao’s last day of his previous class, Ms. Ester left us a note:

I can’t express how much I loved having Dao this past months. He grew up, talking with great motor skills, with a kind personality and always with that amazing smile that I love. I miss him already. He is a smart, caring, adorable boy.

Ms. Ester is such a lovely caregiver. We’re so glad that Dao was under her supervision.

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