Weekend With Linh and May

Dao woke up and didn’t see May in the car; therefore, he asked, “May dau roi [Where is May]?” May and Linh had left two hours ago after spending a weekend with us. He looked a bit disappointed. I tried to cheer him up by taking him into the mall after a two-hour nap in the car. We went into the men’s room to change him and wash his face. He stayed still and cooperated. I took him to the playground in the mall, but he didn’t want to go in. I didn’t know because the playground was packed or he was still dramatized by the accident at the playground earlier this morning.

He was having a good time climbing up and sliding down with May until I tossed him the ball so he could roll it down the slide. I was standing on the ground in front of the slides so he threw the ball back to me. As I turned away to pick up the ball, he took a few steps back and fell off the other side with his head first to the ground after hitting into the metal bar. His head has two swollen spots and his forehead has a few bruises. He was standing about six feet above the ground. Dana and I ran toward him and picked him up. He was in tears. I felt extremely horrible and stupid. All the these time, I watched his every step as he was climbing up the metal bars, and yet I let him fell.

He seems to be ok. He’s interacting, eating and took a long nap. When I asked him about the incident, he told me, “Dao fell down on the mulch.” Though I was laughing, but inside the pain and the anguish for being such an idiotic parent will never leave me. The day he felt off the crib and today will never be forgotten. The good thing is that Dao seems to be a very tough kid. I keep asking him if he still feels the pain and his reply has been, “het dau roi [no more pain].”

On the bright side, we had such a great time with Linh and May. So glad that they could come up and stayed with us over the weekend. At this time, Dao and May have developed into their individualities. They are completely opposite from each other, yet one thing still remain the same: Dao is still attached to May. He called her name. He invited her to play. He enjoys her company. They had a good time playing in water. Dao introduced May to “Curious George” and May introduced Dao to “Pocoyo.”

As far as behavior, May is way ahead of Dao. She listens and she does not act up. She speaks with manner and she doesn’t cry when getting her teeth brushed. Linh is a fantastic mom. She is training May well. May is such a sweetheart. I love to hear her talk. Linh puts it eloquently: “She makes poetry when she talks.” May already can count in both English and Vietnamese and knows the alphabet. As for Dao, this is how he counts in Vietnamese: “Mot, hai, ba, sau, bay, tam.” In English, “five, four, six, seven, eight.” He must be counting music notes or something.

Linh and May were the first friends that stayed over the weekend with us. We are thrilled and they are welcomed back anytime. By this time, we are completely comfortable with each other. Too bad, they’ll move so far way. I hope that we can still get together at least once or twice a year.

I was also glad to meet Chi Cap. Have been a fan of her blog for a while and she is as cool as she is on the blog. Also met O Kien, but didn’t get a chance to interact.