Mama’s Boy

Dao loves to be wrapped inside Dana. He holds on to her arm any chance he gets. Yesterday he wanted to hold her with both of his hands. Last night he kept crawling onto her body and wanting to be held. Dana was grouchy because he kept waking her up. After three or four times, I kicked her out of the room so she could have an uninterrupted sleep.

When he turned and couldn’t find his mom, he got up and looked for her. I put him back down and stroked his back a bit. He liked it and went back to sleep. He didn’t get up again until the next morning. I guess, we’ll just have to kick mommy out of bed.

Three days ago, we took him to school, he pointed to a Hyundai Tucson and said, “Football xe (car).” I thought that because the Tucson has a rounded shape; therefore, he associated it with a football. Two days ago, I told my sister-in-law what Dao said and she told me that he was referring to the logo that looks like a football. My sister-in-law has a Sonata and he already pointed out to her the “football xe.”

I like the way Dao associates things based on what he knows. I think he’ll be very imaginative when he grows up. We were looking at a children book that has an illustration of a train. When I asked him about the smoke coming out of the train, he said, “popcorn.” Looking at it again, it does look like a popcorn.

We were watching American Idol Finale and Dao wanted to play his Alphabet Train puzzle. He has yet to learn ABC, but I can tell him what animal is next to fit into the puzzle. So if I say “con voi (elephant),” he would look for the elephant piece and put the puzzle together. Because I was distracted by American Idol, I called out the wrong animal. He picked it, but couldn’t fit it into the puzzle. He went back to me and said, “lon roi,” (wrong one).

By the way, our second child is eleven weeks. The doctor said the kid got a big head. I couldn’t tell from looking at the first photo yesterday, but this is getting exciting all over again. Our family will take a week off to enjoy the beach. So hope you all have a nice Memorial weekend.