Anniversary and Announcement

Today marks our third anniversary.Three years aren’t that long, but the changes have been tremendous. Our relationship has turned from romantic to realistic. Maybe that’s the way marriage works over time. We share the same goals, but not necessarily the same views. We argue at times, but we enjoys each other’s presence. We have our own issues, but we help each other to get by. We go through tough times, but we manage to stay strong. We work hard to build our family.

For the past two years, we devoted our attention on our boy. He has been our challenge, but also our joy. He sometimes makes us upset, but also makes us laugh. He wears us out, but also provides us strength. He gives us the true meaning of responsibility and spontaneity. Our lives never seem to stand still when he’s awake, yet we enjoy every moment of it, and so to make our family even livelier, we will be welcoming a new member by the end of this year. Yes, Dao will have a brother or sister to play with. We are thrilled!

So three years are just the beginning of our journey. The road ahead will not be smooth and we will be facing more tough time, but I am positive that we can get through as long as we stay together and support each other. At this point in my life, nothing is more important than a strong, loving family. Happy anniversary!