Things Dao Says

While we were on the road and a truck passed by, Dao said, “Xe truck chay nhanh” (The truck runs too fast).

As he was crawling down the steps, he stopped and realized that he left his Thomas train upstairs, he said, “Dao quen Thomas roi” (Dao forgot Thomas).

I carried him out to the car and didn’t put his shoes on, Dao said, “Dao mat giay roi” (Dao lost shoes).

Dao sure loves my iPod, but he loves my sister-in-law’s iPad even more. He refers to iPad as “iPod bu” (big)

We were in DSW looking for shoes. He kept wanting to be carried. I took his hands and danced to distract him, but he demanded, “No nhac, no nhay, no dance.”

My sister-in-law, her husband and I took Dao to our friend’s party in Maryland. Dana didn’t feel well so she stayed home. I didn’t really wanted to go without her, but I figure, we should give her a bit of time to herself. During the ride he asked, “Mommy dau roi?” (Where is mommy?) two times before we leave the house and before we leave the party.

Those are what I could recall for this weekend. We also mowed the lawn together. I used to despite cutting the grass, but now doing it with my little boy is actually fun. He apparently loves to mow the lawn with his lawn-mover toy. Dana bought it for him when he started to walk and it is still one of his favorite toys. It’s the best $5 she spent at K-Mart.