When we got home in the evening yesterday, Dao noticed an army of ants marching in the house. He showed me the spot and said, “Daddy kien (ants).” I took out the vacuum and sucked them up. As I turned off the vacuum, he spotted more ants and said, “More kien.” Once he didn’t see anymore ants, he said, “diet kien roi (got rid of the ants).” After I was done vacuuming, he told me “cat lai (put it away)” and pointed to the closet where I usually keep the vacuum.

He pooped after dinner so I changed his diaper. I opened the diaper and said, “Oh Lord!” Then he kept on repeating “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Oh Lord!” Ms. Tam as school told us that Dao is like a recorder. He would repeat anything the teachers say so they have to be careful what they say around of him.

Around 9:30 p.m. we tried to get him to sleep, but I wanted to sneak out to watch American Idol (Go, Haley!). Every time I stepped out of the bedroom door, Dao would ask him mom, “Ba dau roi? (Where’s dad?)” It’s very intriguing to hear him say new words almost everyday.