Thomas and Friend

Yesterday after work we stopped by Korean store to pick up so groceries. As Dao and I were playing the game of naming the fruits, a Korean boy who is a bit bigger and chubbier than Dao ran up to us. He pointed to the Thomas train Dao was holding in his hand. The boy was also holding a Thomas train on his hand. He wanted to play with Dao, but Dao was holding on to me tight with his left hand and holding on to Thomas tight with his right. I said to him, “Choi voi ban di con. Ban muon choi voi con.” (Play with him. He wants to play with you.)

Dao sort of wanted to play, but he was probably still being shy. The Korean boy was quite friendly to Dao. He ran off on his sisters and mom to be with two strangers. So I took him to find his mom before she gets worried. After we found his mom and he waved goodbye to us. Dao waved back and said to me, “Ban di roi.” (Friend has left.) I responded, “Con khong choi voi ban thi ban di thoi.” (You don’t play with him so he went off.)

Last Sunday, we dragged home a Panasonic VIERA 50-Inch Plasma HDTV from Costco just out of the blue. We meant to get a new TV three years ago, but we kept on pushing it off because we don’t really watch much TV. The decision was made simply because I was too tired after two and half hours of driving and a cup of margarita from Chipotle. I hope we made a good choice.

After setting it up and test it with Curious George, Dao said, “George bu quaaaa.” (George’s too big). His reaction was just hilarious. I watched Three Kingdoms last night through Netflix and was very impressed with its high quality streaming. Sorry Redbox. I am now rolling with Netflix.