Dao and May

On Saturday, Dao and May met up for another play date. Many things have changed since the last time they were together, which were about three months ago. For the first forty-five minutes, May seemed to have forgotten Dao or she was overwhelmed that a bunch of strangers just marched into her house. Dao, on the other hand, called out her name, gave her a hug, a kiss and then helped himself to the toys as if he was at his own house. Then May felt comfortable again and they were back to normal.

Dao held May’s hand when we went outside. They walked and laughed together. We went to Fuddruckers for lunch and the cutest moment when May fed him. Whatever she puts to his mouth, he just took it, even with chip dipped in ketchup. After lunch we headed toward Port Discovery.

This time I took Samantha and Eric along. Not sure about Samantha, but Eric enjoyed the place. I was glad that we also get to hang out with these two who I love like my own kids. I have many memories with Samantha because I was around when she was born. I shared with her what I could remember when she was a little girl. It seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms. Now she’s all grown up. Twelve years have gone by.

Eric is seven now and still in his kid zone; therefore, he still likes to hang out with us. Every time I come to visit my mom, I try to take him out and spend time with him. Dao also loves Eric. He now does everything Eric does. Yesterday, I was sitting on the coach, Eric came, gave me a hug and said, “I love you.” He melted my heart. I really I wish I could spend more time with him and Samantha.

Back to Dao and May, the two that are opposite of each other, but get along so well together. I was looking forward to many play dates in the future, but May, Linh and Son will be moving to the West coast at the end of June. We’re very happy for them, but a little bit sad that we won’t have the convenience of meeting up anymore.

Thanks to Dao and May, Dana and I have found a wonderful couple that we could hang out with because we all happy to see our kids enjoy each other’s company. In a way, Linh and Son are our first friends together. Not that we’re unsociable, but we’re just not a very exciting couple who enjoys each other’s boring company. Unlike us, Linh and Son isn’t a boring couple. They just happen to share the “twin” with us.