The Three Multicultural Musketeers

Dao (Asian), Brit (Black) and Aiden (White) are the three musketeers in daycare. They play and bond together at school. They even share food and toys with each other. Isn’t it just lovely that kids don’t differentiate their color skins? It would be interesting to see how their relationship grow over the years assuming that they’ll be in class together. Dao is oldest among the three. Aiden is about a month younger and Brit is about two or three months younger. Their teacher told me both Dao and Aiden should move to the next class together since they are like BFFs.

On a different note, Dao received a booklet from school for his birthday. The cover features balloons and Thomas Train. Inside of the booklet is a collection of Dao’s photos and paintings. Dao flipped to one of the artworks and complimented himself, “Dao ve dep” (Dao draws beautifully). I am liking his confidence already. Once in a while, he would say to Dana, “Mommy dep.” No wonder he’s her favorite boy.