Left, Right and Butt

Dao now knows the different between his left and right foot. If I put on his socks or shoes, he would tell me if I am putting on “chan trai” (left foot) or “chan phai” (right foot). The other day, he dropped Thomas Train (the heavy one with the battery) onto his foot. I asked him, “Con bi gi?” (What’s happened?) He cried, pointed out to me and said, “chan phai dau” (right foot hurt). I sat him on my lap, gave his right foot a kiss and asked him, “Con dau khong?” (Does it still hurt?). He stopped crying, waved his hand and replied, “het dau roi” (no more pain). I love this method of treatment. A kiss was all that needed, except for when he gets rash on his butt. He would point to his behind and say “dau dit” (butt hurts). My response to him was, “dau dit thi di lai me” (if your butt hurts, go to mama).