Mother’s Day Weekend

Saturday, we treated my sister-in-law and her husband to Korshi for dinner for helping us with the vegetable garden in the backyard. After a whole day of digging, shoveling, tilling, soiling and manuring, we needed a big dinner; therefore, a sushi and Korean BBQ buffet seemed like a good choice.

The only problem was that kid and buffet didn’t go well together. The table behind us was smart. They brought their kid a portable DVD player so the kid was watching “Tom & Jerry” while the parents enjoyed snow crab legs.

At our table, Dao refused to sit on a high chair. He just wanted to sit on his mama’s lap. I went to get the food for them. They couldn’t finished the plate so I had to finished the cold food; therefore, I couldn’t tell if the play was good or bad. About half an hour into the meal, he was already bored out of his mind. I gave him my iPod Touch so he could be occupied like the kid behind us, but there was no Internet connection. The restaurant wouldn’t let us use its network.

So the dining experience didn’t turn out so well at all for $30 a head. Oh well.

On Sunday, we were finally made it to National Zoo. Dao could pointed out most of the animals he knew. We spent about two hours before Dao decided to push his stroller. He did for about half an hour until his energy ran out. He fell asleep so we took him to Costco and then home.

The weekend went by so fast. Now we’re back to our regular weekday schedule.

Dao’s new word: “too.”
“Me an keo, too.”
“Ba cat co, too.”
“Dao rua tay, too.”
“Dao an pho, too.”