Dao Visited the Dentist

Despite our morning and night wrestlings trying to brush his teeth, Dao ended up with eight cavities. The dentist knew that working Dao’s teeth while he’s awaked wasn’t go to fly; therefore, he tried to sedate him. After half an hour of taking the medication, which cost $300, Dao didn’t fall asleep yet, but he determined to worked on him any way. The dentist’s assistant took him right out of my arms while Dao was still holding on to his train. They didn’t let us in.

About forty five minutes later, the dentist came out and gave us the story of how the filling went down. He needed two assistants to hold him down because Dao still didn’t fall asleep. He bit his on his lip once and bit on the dentist’s tool as well. The dentist said, “Wow, he is a strong boy.” I told him, “You only have to deal with him once. I deal with him twice a day.” I came in to pick him up. He was all sweaty and his face was all red, but he was still holding on to his train.

The receptionist told me that after our insurance coverage, we’ll be responsible for about $800. That’s $1,100 for one visit, ouch! Took him home and he has been sleeping for almost five hours already. I am getting work done, but poor lil fellow haven’t eaten anything all day.