The Things Dao Says to Daddy

I wish I had written down all the things Dao has said. Sometimes he sounds so hilarious. Here is a list of things I could recall:

  • “Daddy, bowling nga roi [fall down].”
  • “Daddy giup [help] Dao dung [set up] bowling.”
  • “Daddy choi voi [play with] Dao please.”
  • “Daddy dat [take] Dao di vong vong [go around].”
  • “Daddy, di cat co [mow the lawn].”
  • “Daddy, doc sach cho [read for] Dao.”
  • “Daddy, Thomas go in the tunnel.”
  • “Daddy, thay bin [change battery] Thomas.”
  • “Daddy, Thomas bi xuoc” [Say what? He must have learned that word from grandparents. I am not even sure how to translate that into English].