Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum

I almost forget what today is until we headed to Pho 75 this morning. The joint was closed to commemorate April 30 (the fall of Saigon). We drove to Eden around 10:30am and they were setting up the stage for the event titled “Ky Niem Quoc Han.” We had some noodle soup and headed to Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.

The museum is located in Baltimore so it took us an hour to get there. The good thing was that Dao fell asleep for 45 minutes. When we arrived, he woke up and fully charged. We wanted to take him on the “Day Out With Thomas” ride, but the tickets sold out weeks ago. Even though we didn’t get to ride the train, Dao had a fantastic time at the table train with older kids and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.

We took him out to the station so he could see the big Thomas Train. As Thomas departed he wanted to be on the train as well. He cried when I held him back and tried to tell him that Thomas would come back. A few minutes later he calmed down and told me, “Thomas di roi. Dao khoc” (Thomas already left. Dao cries). He sounded as if a girl just broke his heart.

Four hours later, we headed back home, but with some extra time, we headed to Costco. He felt asleep again from Costco to our house, but woke up when got home and changed him. He remembered that I promised him that we would mow the lawn when we get home so he was all excited. We spent an hour and a half to mow the lawn. I used to hate doing this this, but with him next to me, I didn’t mind at all. Love spending time with him and Dana.

We’re planning on taking him to the National Zoo tomorrow. I am sure, he’ll love seeing the animals. At the age, he has many curiosity and so we’ll let him expose and try out new things. The other day, he tried snail and kept asking for more.