Cuddling With Cu Dao

I was up late last night finishing up laundry so we can spend the weekend out. While waiting for the clothes to dry to put in another load, I spent time on Facebook rather than reading an exciting book on Miles Davis Quintet. I wasted two hours checking people I knew from high school. Some became doctors; some guys went back to Vietnam to married and some are still playing with cocks. Cockfighting never seems old to some people.

I went to bed around 12:30, which was about 15 minutes later than usual. I got up early this morning and got ready for work. Today Dao has doctor’s appointment for two years check up so I didn’t have to wake him up and brush his teeth. After getting all dressed up, I went back into bed saw him and his mom all cuddling up together. He loves to sleep in Dana’s arm. He took over my favorite spot. Dana needed a bathroom break so I lay down next to him. He got up but his eyes still closed so I quickly grabbed him and pulled him into my chest with his cheek rested next to my cheek. What a soft, smooth cheek on his face. He felt back into sleep and I just held on him tight. The weather was a bit chilly today and he felt so warm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed half an hour that I will never forget.

For some odd reasons, he always gets up early and jumps all over us when the weekend comes. Let’s hope that he won’t up early tomorrow and Sunday so we could have more cuddle time like that. Priceless.

By the way, here’s a video of Dao playing Chuggington Bowling. Pretty creative idea, huh?