Paris By Night 102: Tinh Ca Lam Phuong

After releasing 101 Paris By Night videos, Thuy Nga finally steps up its game. Except for a few up-tempo performances, Paris By Night 102: Tinh Ca Lam Phuong were recorded live. The sound quality was a bit rough, but the singers were much livelier than before. Ngoc Anh whose voice is so rugged and raw benefitted the most from singing live. Her version of “Em Di Roi” was poignant and soulful. Thu Phuong also brought down the joint with “Bai Tho Khong Doan Ket.” If you haven’t seen Thu Phuong in concert, I highly recommend you check her out.

As for most live performers, they held up pretty well. Luong Tung Quang was passible, but the chicks were mad hot. Not sure why Nhu Loan needed a mic since she was clearly lip-singing, but the worse part of the show was the comedy routine by Hoai Linh and Chi Tai. The sexual references were just plain tasteless and disgusting, way beyond porn. Watching the skit with the whole family felt wrong on so many level. Skip it if you’re going to watch with your folks.

Hoai Phuong’s arrangements brought a new change even though they weren’t all that great. What makes Paris By Night 102 stand out were the passion from the singers for performing live. They showed the real connection to the lyrics, particularly Mai Thien Van on “Den Khuya,” and their appreciation for Lam Phuong. He only exaggerated a bit when he said that the show was the best thing he had heard in his life. With this new direction, let’s hope that other productions, especially Asia, will follow.