Birthday Boy

You turn two today my boy. What a wonderful joy seeing you being thrilled. Love the look on your face when we sang the birthday song for you and your eagerness to blow out the candle on the beautiful Thomas Train cake Bac Tram made for you. Love the excitement you displayed when you opened up the presents. Love to see you interacted with other kids and participated in egg-hunting activity and painting. Love to see you ran on spare battery until 6pm without an afternoon nap.

Son, it’s still unreal that you are two. Seeing you progress has been one of the greatest joys of being a dad. When folks asked me what do I do for fun and I would tell them “raising my son.” At first, it is just an excuse to hide the boring side of me, but being with you makes my life exciting. You’re my aspiration. Before you came into my life, I thought that being a parent is all about taking care of his kid, but you have proved me wrong. You have been there for me when I need you the most. I feel rejuvenated just being with you. The smile on your face always brights up my day. You’re the little pillow I hug on to at night. You’re the little fellow that could magically lift me up whenever I felt down.

Thank you for everything you have given me so far. I can’t wait to see what you’ll have next for me in the years to come. Happy birthday, dear Dao. I love you.

Bonjour Vietnam