Jen Karin Writes

I am pleased to announce the new launch of Jen Karin Writes, a blog for an award-winning writer and imagination advocate. Ms. Karin approached me right after Writerhead went live. Big props to Ms. Bair O’keeffe for the referral.

With Jen Karin Writes, I was presented with a challenge: a very close-crop portrait of the writer. Meg Silliker of Bluelime Photography has done a great job of capturing a natural smile from the writer, but the vertical portrait is difficult to work with for the web.

To make the layout work, I anchored the photo to the left in a fixed position (no scroll) and let the contents flow next to it. The photo is served as a starting point for building small layout first. I used 320 and Up along with HTML5 Boilerplate and WordPress’s Toolbox as a framework. I also referred to Tim Brown‘s Modular Scale for headings.

Many thanks to Jen Karin who is such a fantastic client for giving me the full creative freedom to put the site together. I am very proud of Jen Karin Writes and hope that she’ll enjoy using it as much as I had enjoyed crafting it.