320 and Up and HTML5 Reset

I was up to one in the morning checking out 320 and Up and HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme. Building from tiny screen first then moving up seems like a smart approach. Andy Clarke incorporated a bunch of neat functions like respond.js and imgsizer.js in addition to HTML5 Boilerplate.

Version 2 of HTML5 Reset also comes with a Blank WordPress Theme, “a style-free theme designed to help get your custom WordPress project off the ground.” The theme contains a very minimal set of files so it would be great for a small, simple site. I am not sure how it will scale up for more complex projects.

I was thinking of combining 320 and Up and Blank WordPress Theme, but there are things that seem to overlapping. So I probably will combine 320 with Toolbox. I just started a new project so it’ll be a perfect opportunity to put these two to work. Will see how it’ll turn out.