This morning, I had to carry Dao on my right and his lunchbox and umbrella with my left. When we stopped at the daycare door, I had to put him down so I could get my member card out of my pocket. He whined and wanted me to pick him up. (This is partly my faulty because I always carry him in instead of let him walk in himself. I need to get in and out quickly to get to work. Sometimes I have to run with him in my lap and he loves it.)

The security lady who Dao greets every morning, said to him, “I know the drill. You want daddy to carry you all the way to class, right?” Dao nodded and replied, “Right.” Me and the security lady both laughed our head off.

Since we were a bit late this morning, Dao’s class had already gone to the romper room. He stood outside the door and didn’t want to come in after I took off his jacket and his shoes. Eden, the cute girl in his class, came to the door and put out her arms. Dao ran right in and gave her a hug. It was so cute.

Bonjour Vietnam