Diaper Please

Friday after work we took Dao to the mall. He loves table train and we love to read; therefore, Barnes and Noble is the happy spot for all of us. As we were driving, Dana realized that we didn’t have Dao’s backpack with us. We left it in the new minivan. I told Dana that we could buy some diapers for him at the mall.

Five minutes at the train table and Dao did a number two. I told Dana to watch him while I go get some diapers. I looked up the mall directory and couldn’t find a convenience store. I checked the bathrooms to see if they have some sort of vending machine for diapers, but couldn’t find any. My last resort was to ask for one.

I went to the kid’s playground and check out the mommies to see if they were approachable and the kids to see if they were closed to Dao’s age. I spotted an Asian mom with a little girl on the stroller. I went up to the mom and asked, “Excuse me, do you happen to have an extra diaper to spare? I couldn’t find a store in the mall to get one.” She must have understood the feeling; therefore, she quickly responded “sure” and pulled out the exact same one (size and brand) we used for Dao. I thanked her and headed back to Barnes and Noble. I told Dana I couldn’t find a store and she said, “I told you so.” Then I pulled the diaper out of my pocket and said, “I told you I could get one.”